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Sade Sati Remedies in Hindi

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Shani Sade Sati- The dreadful astral period

Saturn might be just a planet to the believers of science – perhaps the most beautiful planet in our solar system but to the Hindu mythology, Saturn signifies one of the most feared and dreaded gods- Lord Shani. Shani or Lord of Saturn is popular as the just god who punishes for the ill deeds and sometimes rewards in a handsome manner to the good people. But what everyone fears a lot in this whole Saturn Episode is the Shani ki Sade Sati or the ordeal of seven and a half years of effects of Shani.

Shani Ki Sade Sati

Shani Sade Sati refers to the seven and a half years of effects of Shani. As the planet Saturn tends to remain and make a transition from one zodiac sign to another, the total effect lasts for seven and a half years. This is because the effect starts from one sign before the birth sign and the transition of one sign takes 2 and half years. Three signs thus complete the whole effect cycle. It is said that one has to go through the sade sati phase at least twice in his life. But it is not compulsory for a person to only have a bad time in the sade sati period. For those with the Saturn favouring them, sade sati is the period in which they gain and benefit the most in their life. But in most of the cases, people face various problems in these seven and half years. As it is filled with many troubles and challenges, it is advised that one should immediately refer a pandit or a learned astrologer for Shani sade sati upay or remedies.

Shani Sade Sati remedies

Shani ki sade Sati or Shani’s seven and a half years ordeal is one of the most dreaded times and thus astrologers say that immediate remedies are necessary. Astrologer R. Kumar Ji, one of the most renowned astrologists and kundli dosh specialists has an extensive experience in guiding the affected people to the right path and ease their misery. Sade Sati Remedies in Hindi can be found with Astrologer R. Kumar Ji, for the people who can’t meet learned astrologers and specialists. The remedies of Sade Sati given by Astrologer R. Kumar Ji include fasting on the day of Saturn and appeasing the god with offerings made in mustard oil. Apart from these, some techniques like feeding a black dog or offering mustard oil to the idol of Lord Shani can be included for added effects. However, these have to be given by Astrologer R. Kumar Ji only as each individual faces different effects in the period of Sade Sati.

For the individual to get immediate relief, it is necessary to do the shani puja and follow the remedies as advised by Astrologer R. Kumar Ji in order to ease the ill effects and give a new start to the career, health and finance sectors which were previously badly affected due to the ordeal of Shani.

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