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Remedies for Kundali Dosh after Marriage

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Pt. Ji Provide Solution of Problem that appear after Marriage, like Tara Dosha, Manglik Dosha Remedies for People in Canada, India, UK, USA, Dubai, New Zealand.

Marriage is not only the union of two bodies but it is the union of two souls. When two people get together in the ritual of holy matrimony, it does not only affect the two individuals but also their family, relatives and friends. Many people get affected in the process of marriage and most importantly the couple who got married. But sometimes, marriage does not work properly. Even if, both boy and the girl work cautiously there seems have some sort of problems between them. Often times, there could be misunderstandings, lack of trust, lack of happiness between the couple, etc. This does not only affect the boy and the girl but their families also.

The presence of troubles in the marriage could be due to some conflicts in the kundalis of boy and the girl. May be their Gunn Milan does not show harmony between the couple due to matching of less number of points or there could be other doshas present in the kundali. The doshas which can recur after marriage could be

  • Tara Dosha
  • Rashish Maitri Dosha
  • Nadi Dosha
  • Bhakoot Dosha

These are also known as the kundali dosha post marriage and their effects are to arises troubles in marriage and create problems between the couple. Sometimes, there may be the remains of Mangal Dosha present after marriage.

These doshas arises due to the planetary motions. In these cases, the presence of certain planets or stars at certain house is conflicting. The presence of these conflicting positions happens to gather all the negative energies and negative powers, and affect the marriage. For example, the presence of nadi dosha in the kundali creates the problems of mutual trust between the couple. Presence of nadi dosha in marriage may be the reason of lack of understanding between the couple. Sometimes, children also get affected due to nadi dosha. Offspring produced in this marriage will be weak physically and emotionally. And sometimes, the couple even suffers with the problem of progeny conflicts. The consequences of presence of these doshas could be severe. They could also lead the marriage at the verge of divorce situations.

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