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Progeny Prospects Prediction

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The future of any sustaining generation is the coming generation. Many of the future prospects lie in the hands of next generation. That is why; Reproduction is very basic rule of nature.

Every married couple wants to have at least one child of their own. They want their legacy to be acquired by their own off – springs. But, there are a lot of people who suffers with the problem of conception of child. Many marriages suffer due to these problems. Sometimes, misunderstanding arise between due to this problem and in some severe cases, there is a constant fear of break – up of the marriage. It’s a saying that the main thing which keeps a couple bonded is their child.

The problems related to pregnancy become a psychological, emotional and mental blow for the woman in the marriage. Mainly, she is the one who gets more stressed and depressed. It’s always hard for a woman to bear that.

  • If you wonder when will you have a child?
  • If you are running after doctors for medical help for years?
  • If you are facing troubles in having a baby?
  • If you have lost all the hope for having a child?

Then, you should certainly meet Lal Kitab Astrologer in Canada and India, Shastri R. Kumar.

Sometimes, problems arising in conceiving a child are due to the conflicting positions of stars and planets in kundali. Some planets affect the progeny prospects in married life.

Astrologer R. Kumar will study your horoscope, natal and astrological charts precisely. After studing all the charts thoroughly, he can tell you the predictions regarding your pregnancy prospects.

Astrologer R. Kumar will

  • Calculate your kundali for looking at the progeny prospects.
  • Predict whether there are any children indicated by your kundali.
  • He will provide you full child birth prospects report.
  • He will give you progeny prospects repot.
  • He will tell you timing of child birth predictions.
  • He will give provide you advices, methods and remedies for having a child in your future.

That is why; mostly childless couples say that Astrologer R. Kumar works like a miracle in their life who has given them the best gift that anybody can ever give them. Astrologer R. Kumar has brought hope and happiness for many people in Canada and India. He does not rest until all your problems disappear from your life. He has gained thousands of blessings from childless couples.

So, if you are also having troubles in pregnancy you can contact Astrologer R. Kumar.

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