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Pitra Dosh Remedies

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Sins of fathers or ancestors on Child- Pitra Dosh

It is often said that that what the ancestors did, is often carries out by future generations. Be it a good deed or a bad, the result of both is sometimes bore by the future generation. According to the mythology and strong astrological beliefs of the Hindus, this condition or state is known as ‘Pitra Dosh’. Pitra refers to the fathers whereas dosh refers to the fault. According to other stories and accounts, pitra dosh occurs when some people do not worship for the satisfaction and wellness of the spirits of their ancestors, opening the spiritual realm for their ancestors who come back(as spirits) and the person has to bear the dreadful pitra dosh effects.

Pitra Dosh Effects

Pitra dosh effects can be really tormenting on a person as the fault or condition does not leave peace in the person’s life. Be it work space, marriage, child, career, personal planning or anything else- all of them get badly affected. Some of the common effects as noted by astrologers include problems with child. The child is born with many disabilities and diseases from the very first day if he has a pitra dosh.. Apart from this, pitra dosh causes many problems in relationships and marriage. People do not get peace in the bond and tend to break or call it off. The worst affected area is the finance. A pitra dosh affected person will always have a hard time managing finance and may also be burdened by the never ending circle of debts. But such an ordeal can stop, if one consults a famous astrologer like Astrologer R. Kumar Ji, who specializes in easing off the ill effects of dreadful dosh in one’s horoscope.

Pitra Dosh Remedies

An individual with the pitra dosh or who has been facing troublesome situations for quite a long time should consult Astrologer R. Kumar Ji, who can figure out the solutions for the on-going problems. For pitra dosh, there are targeted chants which Astrologer R. Kumar Ji will provide, known as pitra dosh mantra. Chanting these hymns or mantras can lead to the easing of ill effects on an individual’s life and state.

Pitra Dosh Nivaran Puja

There is no such problem in the world to which there is no solution. If an individual can worship, they should follow the proper rules and perform the pitra dosh nivaran puja as instructed by Astrologer R. Kumar Ji which includes praying for the satisfaction and wellness of the souls of ancestors. The ceremony will be performed by Astrologer R. Kumar Ji and the affected person who will offer food and other materials to the souls for their journey and stay in the spiritual world. It is said that if the ceremonies are duly performed, no harm ever comes to that person again. For the Pitra Dosh Remedies and puja, one can contact one of the best pitra dosh nivarak astrologer, Astrologer R. Kumar Ji who knows what to do at the time of problem. He can guide in the best possible way to ease the effects and have more positivity in life.

Without any hesitation, people with pitra dosh should consider contacting Astrologer R. Kumar Ji for help. Remaining silent and going through a burden silently for something you haven’t even done is just unfair and needs to be undone.

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