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Nadi Dosha Effects and Remedies

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When the matter of marriage is in the hand, parents become cautious and they should be! Because it is the important case in which lives of two people count, not to mention the family members. Many parents check the compatibility of their children by Kundali matching. If Kundali of the one person is in accordance with the other one, it seems and a relief to parents that the marriage would become successful. But sometimes, problems could also arrive while matching kundali. Sometimes, appropriate number of gunn does not match in the kundali while Gunn Milan. There are total number of 36 points to match in the kundali. Maximum number of points in kundali is of Nadi effect. Nadi is one of the eight Ashta which could calculate the compatibility of the partners in the marriage. Now, if there is a conflict in the Nadi of two persons, it will appear that the compatibility of the two people will be very less and thus, it would not be a suitable match of the marriage. These people are suffering from the Nadi Dosha.

If there is the presence of the Nadi Dosha in your kundali when you get married, you may see the ill-effects of nadi dosha. Bad planetary effects may cause less compatibility between the two partners. The married couple may seem annoyed with each other. They start picking up each other’s fault all the time. They get frustrated with each other and fight a lot. Sometimes, the effects of Nadi Dosha are too ill that it could also lead to the breakage of marriage. The consequences of presence of bad planetary effects in kundali may also appear in the coming generations too. Some astrologers also believe that the offsprings produced from the married couple, suffering from Nadi Dosha, will be weaker in physical or mental health. There might be chances that the married couple may not produce children at all. The effects of Nadi Dosha in kundali while marriage could be very ill that it might bring severe problems in your married life.

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