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Kal Sarp Dosha Effects and Remedies

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If you have Kal Sarp Dosha in your kundali or if you are suffering from the effects of Kal Sarp Dosha and Wonders often time that how to cure kaalsarp dosh, then you can find all the answers here.

About Kaal Sarp Dosh.

  • What is Kal Sarp Dosha?
  • What can be the effects of Kal Sarp Dosha?
  • What could you do if you have Kal Sarp Dosha in your kundali?
  • Who should you consult if you have this yoga on you?
  • What could be the remedies to lessen or remove the bad planetary effects due to Kal Sarp Dosha?

The answer to your question, who should you consult for this, is Astrologer R. Kumar. He is the best Astrologer in Canada and in India. He can solve your all the other questions which come into your mind.

But firstly, what is Kal Sarp Dosha?

Kalasarpa yoga is considered to be one of the Nabhasa Yogas. “Kala” means time and “Sarpa” means Serpent and “Yoga” means combination. So Kala Sarpa Yoga means that the soul is caught by the Serpent of time within the axis of Karma. It reflects that the person will have an  unusual and unexpected life-situations according to his Karma of the previous birth. The person who have Kal Sarp Dosha will acquire that kind of fate which will make them suffer more than a normal person’s fate. These are exceptionally strong persons and their fate make them meet sone of the most difficult situations in life.

It is believed that it is sometimes associated with physical deformity or moral weakness. It is also believed that Kal Sarp Dosha is also associated with the misfortunes, deceit and treason in life. The person who is suffering from this yoga can indulge himself/ herself in any kind of wrong activities such as crime, robbery etc. The positive qualities of this Yoga are that the native can acquire a capacity to do arduous work. He will have the chances with exceptional success in the fields of studies, administrations, philosophy etc. Moreover one can fulfill his desires of his life, either in the materialistic concept or in the spiritual scope. So it is a very strong yoga with very strong consequences in the individual’s life. It is the fate of the person who will be working in such a manner that the person can either fall into a deep pit or it could also work in such direction that the person can become very successful after meeting the most tricky and dangerous situations that somebody can wonder.

Shastri ji will provide you all the remedies to remove kal sarp dosha from your kundali. It is due to the bad planetary effects of the stars and planets. The remedies of Kal Sarp Dosha may include some vedic astrological remedies. These remedies may include wearing gemstones or indulging the person into charity work. The effects can also be reduced by chanting certain mantras and prayers. So, if you are suffering with Kal Sarp Dosha you can meet Astrologer R. Kumar in India and in Canada and ask for his precious advice.

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