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Horoscope/Kundali Reading

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A Horoscope is an Astrological Chart or Diagram which shows the positions of stars and planets, astronomical aspects and Astronomical angels at the time of some important events such as the birth of the child. Stars and planets which play a major role in horoscope are Sun, Jupiter, Saturn, Mercury, Mars, Shani, Rahu, Ketu, and Moon etc. The positions of the Stars and planets shows the events and their motions depict the activities which could happen in that individual’s life. So, timing of the birth of child is an important event which would fix the events or circumstances which might happen in that person’s life. Other than these celestial bodies, there are four angles which govern the situations which would the person have to face. These four angles in the order of their power are:

  • First house
  • Tenth House
  • Seventh House
  • Fourth House

In according with the position of stars and planets in these houses, situations, circumstances and events may start to appear in the journey of life. If the positioning and motion of stars is in your favour, then you may get promoted or you could find the love of your life, or the chances of your marriage becomes bright, etc. However, If the positioning of stars and planets have bad influence on the person, it may lead to many problems such as person might seems a little too annoyed and angry all the time, he may be not getting successful in the professional front, your promotion could stop, there may get a delay in your marriage, your married life may get disturbed, you start losing in business, etc. So, bad influence of celestial bodies might be a little reason to worry!

What you really need is someone who could give you accurate horoscope predictions. Sometimes, it becomes rather a tedious task to find such a person on whom you can totally rely on, someone who can give you precise horoscope readings. Horoscope readings help you in long run throughout your life. It saves you from all the bad and evil that could happen to you in the journey of your life. But the cautious thing is that you should be able to utterly rely on these horoscope predictions.

In Canada and India, you will get extremely precise horoscope readings on which you can completely put your faith. Our Astrologer, Pt. R. Kumar will provide you complete illustrations of your horoscope with the help of accurate birth chart readings. He has the complete and practical knowledge of horoscope readings. He has been doing horoscope predictions throughout his life. In India, he has helped many of his followers through their financial crisis and in their love and marriage problems. He is also regarded as a humanitarian whose main purpose is to help people through the most difficult situations in their life.

So, for accurate horoscope predictions you can contact Pt. R. Kumar and take advantage of his learning, knowledge, experience and practice. You will really see a difference in your life when you are under his assistance.

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