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Delay in Marriage? Get Solution to Marry Fast

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Solve obstacles in your marriage either related to mangal dosh, nadi dosh of some other misfortune in your horoscope, take remedies by astrologer in Canada and get married fast to prevent delay in marriage.

Marriage is an important activity in one’s life. At early times, parents were eager in getting their children married at early ages but as the time has changed, now boys and girls prefer to get married in late twenties. It is one thing when one deliberately does not wants to get married while this could be a matter to worry when the person wants to get married and yet facing a lot of troubles in the way of their betrothal. Sometimes, the individual might stuck in the position where he/she does not find their suitable match. Or the compatibility of the match appears to be very less. And sometimes, those cases also appear when the betrothal does not get fixed because of some external factors. At times, person himself/herself appears to be reluctant to get married. All this could be because of the positions of your stars.

There could be many astrological reason, many factors, which might result in the late marriage. The planet which is responsible in marriage cases is Jupiter. It may be because of the wrong positioning of Jupiter with the Sun. Late marriage can also happen when Jupiter is in the alignment with Rahu and Ketu in your Kundali. Late marriage could also be the consequence of the presence of Mangal or Nadi Dosha. Mangal Dosha is presence due to the position of Mangal grah (Mars planet) in your kundali. As Mangal grah has severe consequences when it comes to the matter of marriage, it could be the reason for the delay of your marriage. Nadi Dosha could become the reason for weak compatibility between the partners. It could also lead to weaker generations or even no child at all.

If you are suffering from these Astrological problems then you should consult Astrologer R. Kumar for the prevention of delay in your marriage. People of Canada and India can get solution from Pandit Kumar to get married faster. Late marriage could become a matter to worry for those persons who are suffering from wrong positions or alignment of the stars in their Kundali. It can become a constant worry for their parents and their relatives too. Pandit ji can take away all your tensions and worries in this matter and he will provide all the help that you so desire!

For unmarried people, Pandit Kumar checks their kundali precisely and he will tell whether that unmarried person is suffering from Mangal or Nadi Dosha. He will check your kundali so precisely that he will tell you whether there is slight presence of these Dosha in your kundali. He will give you the right advice that you seek the most. He will give you exact instructions which will be the solution for you to get married faster. He will perform Poojas and will perform all the Mantras which you need in order for you get rid of the problem of late marriage. He will always be present by your side whenever you his help.

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