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Astrologer R. Kumar Ji Famous as the Top Astrologer in Canada, having vast experience in Astrology, he Gives Best Astrological Remedies and FREE Consultation to People in Canada.

Best Astrologer in Canada

Best Astrologer in Canada

Astrologer R. Kumar Ji is famous as one of the best astrologer in Canada, he provides free consultation for astrological remedies to people in Canada. Pt. Ji do visit many Cities and Provinces in Canada to help people with his vast knowledge in Astrology

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Astrology Consultation in Canada

R. Kumar Ji do visit following Places in Canada like Toronto (Ontario), Vancouver (British Columbia), Edmonton (Alberta), Quebec City (Quebec), Winnipeg (Manitoba), Montreal (Quebec), Calgary (Alberta), Ottawa (Ontario), Hamilton (Ontario) and British Columbia.

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Get Remedies for Problems Like

Career and Finance, Childlessness, Health Problem, Legal Issues, Court Case, Love Marriage Problems, Relationship Problems, KaalSarp Dosh, Manglik Dosh, Nadi Dosh, Shani Sade Sati Dosh, Pitra Dosh, Kundli Dosh, Bad Planetary Effects, etc.

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Celebrity Astrologer in Canada – Astrologer R. Kumar

Astrology offers many remedies in order to attain peace, happiness, and harmony in life. It comprises of astrological remedies, vedic remedies and horoscope remedies. Astrology Specialist and Best Astrologer in Canada –  Astrologer R. Kumar Ji provides effective remedies for problems like Health Problems, Childless People , Law Issues, Court Cases, Property Disputes, Business Issues ,Love Problems, Marriage Problems, and Remedies for Job and Career Problems. In case, you are not satisfied with your life, getting a lot of pain and want to get rid of all these problems, you can find 100% solutions to your problems with the help of the Astrologer R. Kumar Ji.

What Astrology Suggests?

Planetary bodies like Moon, Mars, Mercury, Venus, Rahu, Ketu, Shani etc. move about in the sky in a pre-determined way. The combinations formed by these planets are all predetermined and are being governed by the natural laws. Astrology suggests that the only way fortune can control your next birth is based on your karmas. The analysis is done by choosing your birth time and examining the planetary combinations that are suited to give you the results based on your past karmas.

Fortune plays its definite role and planets give you the result based on their combinations existing at the time of your birth. The planetary effects can be altered in order to make them work for us. Astrology suggests the endeavor to alter the natural effects of planets. Astrologer R. Kumar provides the best astrological remedies such as powerful mantras, strong gems etc. These remedies facilitate to alter the effect of the planetary movement and help you to get rid of all the problems existing in your life.

You are at the right place to find solutions to all your problems with the help of Astrology.


Astrological Remedies

Astrologer R. Kumar helps you to gain harmony and pleasure by suggesting effective remedies in astrology according to your horoscope. He is a specialist in Solutions and Remedies in Astrology related to career problems, love problems, relationships and marriage problems. For the effective solution of any type of love problem or marriage problem, you can follow his remedies for love back, solution to stop divorce, and mantra to attract people. You can contact him directly and get the best and effectual solutions for all your problems. R. Kumar Ji is well-known for helping many people in Canada, and they are leading a peaceful life now.

Vedic Remedies

In some cases, it has been observed that the planetary movement can lead to serious bad effects such as pushing a person into unusual mental stress, risky health problems, life threatening illness and pushing the person on the verge of bankruptcy. If the birth stars are problematic, a new born child is destined to lead a miserable life unless measures are taken to correct them. Astrologer R. Kumar provides appropriate gems as per the movement of planets – Moon, Mercury, Venus, Rahu, Ketu, and Shani. These gems help in controlling the negative effects of these stars and convey positivity, wealth and pleasure in life.


Astrologer R. Kumar Available On Phone – +91-9855552606

You can directly contact the best and most experienced Astrologer R. Kumar Ji on Phone. This service helps you call and consult him anytime you like. You can choose any day or time, as per your convenience.  Because of the phone service, clients from any place and any time get connected with him easily.

Astrologer R. Kumar Ji ensures privacy of your problems, and you may choose to remain completely secret, apart from your Birth Details that are compulsory. This service is delivered instantly, and all your problems or questions remain totally personalized and confidential. Your birth chart is analyzed, and you are provided solutions pertaining to your particular issues. You can raise any number of questions, and even share your intimate issues.

 A lot of people face problems in career, job, love marriage and property matters. It’s not so easy to get rid of them, and life appears to have got into a hard fix. Many people are incapable to recognize that some things are away from human explanation. Astrology is the understandable solution in this situation. A renowned astrologer not only offers effective solutions for problems in life, but powerful remedies that act as a pillar of strength.

Astrologer R. Kumar tries his best to know the root cause of every problem, and suggests the most appropriate solutions. It seems possible only because of his knowledge and expertise in the field of Astrology.

For getting the best and effective solutions to all your problems, Contact Astrologer R. Kumar, avail his services and realize his wide knowledge and experience in the field of Astrology.

Consult him at:  +91-9855552606. Or Email:

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Here you can get the best astrological solutions for all the problems in your life.


Pandit Ji Provides Astrological Remedies and Various Solutions to Solve Problems Related to Following:

Astrologer R.Kumar offers various astrological remedies online and on phone. He provides effective solutions which are quiet reliable and genuine.

Career & Finance

A bright future starts with taking the accurate decisions about career and finance. The knowledge of the capabilities that you have been awarded by the planetary position at the time of your birth will assist you in making superior choices. Pandit Ji helps you in getting out of the career and finance problem though mantra and totke.

Student & Education

If somebody is puzzled which education he/she should prefer, he/she can obtain the help of astrology. The right selection of education can always lead to true purpose of career. Students can pursue education without any difficulties, provided remedies of the planets are proper and analyzed by an expert like Pandit R.Kumar Ji.

Business & Wealth

Astrology provides effective remedial solutions for a bad situation in Business. There are certain techniques to make forecast about business stability and wealth. The second house in one’s birth chart indicates wealth. Kumar Ji offers most effective remedies for business and acquiring wealth.

Childlessness & Progeny Problems

Childlessness Problems? No Need to be anxious since there is an Effective Solution in Astrology to acquire progeny. Astrologer R. Kumar – Remedies Specialist can help Childless Couples to work out problems in pregnancy.

Health Problems

Devoid of good Health means no other areas of life would be pleasurable. Pandit Ji examines the birth chart carefully in order to predict any future health problems, and provides effective remedies for health problems.

Court Case & Legal Problems

Many people file cases in courts to look for justice, and achieve solutions for issues ranging from property matters to matrimonial disputes. It may consume several years to get a decision of court cases. Pandit Ji knows the remedies for court case and legal problems which can be executed in order to help one win court cases.

Love Problems

Astrology provides you solution to solve problem in love relationships. Kumar Ji is a famous astrologer, and he is specialist in solving love problems. He gives you most effective solutions of any problem related to love such as lost love, love marriage, real love lost from life, etc.

Marriage & Relationship Problems

Marriage problems are worldwide distributed, and astrology provides most effective and successful solutions. Married couples can easily get his/her love, and live a happy and peaceful married life. Many couples face problems in love marriage and in this situation; Pandit Ji offers remedies for marriage and relationship problems that are powerful and strong.

Sex & Attraction

Astrology offers attractive explanation about our sexuality, including the potential for compatibility with the opposite sex. Sexual astrology compatibility is difficult to determine without seeing the entire birth chart. Pandit Ji suggests powerful remedies for sex and attraction.

Property Disputes

It’s the dream of every person to purchase his or her own house. Property acquisition involves nearly the complete life savings of an individual. On the other hand, property disputes lead to court cases and wastage of hard-earned money. Pandit Ji suggests unique remedial measures to fulfill your desire to get out of property disputes.

Family Disputes

Most people have no idea that we go through a lot of problems due to the bad placement of planets in our horoscope. Due to this, we face obstruction in our progress, family disputes and unhappiness in the harmony of our family. In this situation, Kumar Ji provides most effective solutions to all problems related to family disputes.

Child Out of Control

These days, the distance between parent and child is growing as parents have very little time for children. Ultimately, this leads to a sensation of being children unnoticed and they get out of control. Astrologer R. Kumar is a specialist in solving problems of child out of control through mantras and upayas.




DISCLAIMER-There are no guarantees that every person using this service will get their desired results for sure. Astrological results depend on a lot of factors and the results may vary from person to person.